So far so good

So far so good, touch wood. Max seems a lot livelier this week and seems to really enjoy his new diet. He has a mixture of raw meat and cooked meat, alternating every 2 days. These are mixed with brown rice and green vegetables with a little mashed carrot now and again. Max will also have apple, banana a few hours before or after meals, also the odd egg raw or soft boiled. It’s recommended to feed at a rate of 2 -3 % of body weight which works out about 1 lb of food, I split this 50% meat 30% rice 20% veg. This is topped up with multi vitamins. Max’s coat is still really shiny as it alway has been and no weight gain. So now just taking it day by day. If anyone has any advice or tips, I would appreciate hearing from you so please use the comments box.


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