Taken from the Pexion website
What is Pexion and how does it work?

Pexion is a treatment for dogs with primary epilepsy. It acts on a specific receptor in the brain cells to reduce the amount of excessive electrical activity present. In this way, like all epilepsy treatments, Pexion acts to reduce the number of seizures that your dog has and their impact on your dog’s life.

My experience of Pexion

This is the medication that Max is on, he has 1.5 tablets twice aday these tablets are 400mg. Your dog may start off on a smaller dose if prescribed starting at 10mg/ 1kg in body weight twice aday.This can be increased to 30mg/1kg body weight twice a day. So Max is on quite a high dose with him being around the 30kg body weight. We have cut them down from the maximum does as we felt he wasn’t any better or worse than he was before they upped the dose. The other reason was his lethargy and lack off interest. As I’ve already explained Max still fits about once a month and I still feel he could be cut back too 1 x 400mg twice aday. I will be talking with the vet about this on his next review in 3 months.


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