Bad night

Max had another seizure last night, which was quite a bad one. He seams to know when they are coming on as he try’s to attract our attention, so we new it was coming. It all started as a mild attack with him just lying there shaking, this lasted for a few minutes. As he started to come out of it and he tried standing he suddenly went straight into another as in cluster seizures. His back legs went first before the rest of his body went to ground. Now these types of seizures are the most frightening, when he is trying to flip around and all his limbs are ridged, you feel sure he’s going to either break a leg or do other damage to him self.this went on for about 5 minutes but seamed a lot longer.

I have seen Max have several seizures of this type, but every time  he goes though one is less disturbing and frightening as the first. It’s always there in the back of your mind weather he’s gonna come out of it OK or if he will come out it at all. So hopefully now he won’t have another for a least a month, but hoping for longer if his new diet starts working.



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